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Welcome to the English Honors Program

Candidates for admission to the English Honors Program will normally apply during the fall or spring semester of their Junior year. Candidates for admission in the Literature or Communication and Technology Track must submit to the Director of the Honors Program two essays, along with a current transcript (which need not be official) and an Honors Program Application. The essays must be college‑level work, written on subjects appropriate to the candidate’s Track, preferably involving a research component. Candidates who wish to concentrate in creative writing must submit one critical essay and a significant amount of creative work.  Consult with your adviser or instructor before you submit your work.

Honors Program applications are accepted in either semester of the junior year (although consideration will be given to earlier applications under special circumstances and after consultation with the Director). They will be evaluated by the Honors Program Committee, which consists of the Honors Program Director and two members of the faculty.

The admissions essay(s) must meet a standard of “A” work. This means that written work of Honors Program quality will be accurate and thorough, well and gracefully written, and free from serious mechanical or grammatical errors. It must rise above mere correctness or completeness to achieve unusual perceptiveness or insight and maturity of thought and expression. Creative work of Honors Program quality must show exceptional promise as measured against the best Honors Program work to date.