Dan Roeder is an NYC-based writer, director and producer. He is currently completing his final year at UMBC as a Humanities Scholar double-majoring in English Literature and Theatre Studies. Dan’s Honors Thesis will cover Depictions of Masculinity as Violence by Gay Male Authors post-WWII to Present– authors including Gore Vidal, Andrew Holleran and Bret Easton Ellis, among others. This research was inspired both by the opportunity to study more closely the very impressive modern gay literary canon, which is typically under-represented in university setting, and to demonstrate a more advanced level of mastery in literary and cultural analysis that can be applied to future projects. After graduation, Dan seeks to work in Arts Management while continuing to develop new work.

“‘Blow My Head Off, Darling’ Depictions of Masculinity by Gay Male Authors” by Dan Roeder
Annotated Bibliography
Annotated Bibliography by Dan Roeder