Emily Grace graduated from UMBC and completed the English Honors Program in May 2018 with an English major on the Literature track. For her honors thesis, Emily completed a creative project that centered its research component around Elizabeth Bishop’s poetic aesthetic of restraint. She studied Bishop’s original drafts and their numerous iterations, drawing conclusions about her style based on specific rhetorical revision choices. The creative component of her project pulled its stylistic and tonal influences from Bishop’s forms, her idea of restraint, and the intensive process of revision. The poetry that emerged from this undertaking reflected a necessary lesson in restraint and extreme care in creation, but also set the foundations for a stylistic shift towards a more visceral voice grounded in the body. The honors thesis helped Emily focus her academic and creative goals, prompting her interest in the field of Writing and Rhetoric with a focus on the compositional process. She hopes to attend graduate school in the field and do research on writing centers in both collegiate and community settings.